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Two ways to work on jovoto

Invite Projects

  • Curated groups of select creatives
  • Guaranteed, fixed payment for a set output
  • Fast feedback and iteration loops, fueled by client insights.
  • Learn from subject matter experts
  • Short project timelines; 1-3 days in a 2-week period

Sign up and apply to get your creative skills verified. Gain access to our talent pools and Invite Projects.

Open Projects

  • Global brainstorming sessions, also known as Crowdstorms™
  • Multiple community and client awards to earn
  • Feedback from your peers and our creative guides
  • Be part of something bigger
  • Develop your skills, expand your repertoire

Anyone with creative ideas can sign up to jovoto and submit, collaborate, and innovate in Open Projects.

How to get invited



Sign up today. Complete your profile and upload portfolio items to showcase your skills and experience. Apply to get your creative skills verified.



Your portfolio items will be reviewed by our design field experts. With a high enough rating, you enter our talent pools and can get invited to relevant projects.



Work to solve design and innovation challenges. There’s no fees, no paperwork, and no hassle for you – just get paid for your work. Easy as that!

What our creatives say

On jovoto, I get to work on projects that combine my passion and profession.


Graphic Designer

jovoto is about working together to solve problems. True magic can happen when creatives from all over the world collaborate to reach a common goal.



In the last six years, I’ve lived in Tel Aviv, Bali, London, Cyprus, Saint-Petersburg, and Phuket, as well as travelled to more than 50 countries.


Product Designer

Without jovoto, collaborating with designers and clients from around the world would be impossible.


Art Director


Graphic Designer

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Claudiu and Ion met as students in 2011. They discovered a shared passion for creative innovation and found success on the global design platform jovoto.

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